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    Morning All

    Once we had processed our first couple of starts (non-levy, apprenticeship standard) I sent an ILR to the HUB so that I was in the queue and would get reports back as soon as they became available. Yesterday afternoon I got confirmation that our reports were available and I have now been able to check them.

    Pleased to report that we have been paid for those learners on the reports but it has raised an issue. Do we include the employer co-investment in the financial records or not? I can’t find anywhere that says that we should not include this so I assumed that the system would just deduct it. Paragraph 92 of the following document details what should not be included on the ILR and it doesn’t mention employer co-investments.

    Does anyone know if this is the case?

    For the benefit of others it might also be worth pointing out that for TNP-1 we had put the total cost of the apprenticeship, including the assessment cost, rather than just the cost of the training. This is not correct (as per paragraph 91 in that document), it is the total of TNP-1 and TNP-2 that determines how much we get paid.

    Thanks in advance



    Martin West

    Hi Access,
    The HUB reports will identify any co-investment which you will need to invoice the employer, the payment when received is recorded in (PMR) – this is used to record cash contributions from the employer to the training provider.



    Hi Martin

    Thank you for the response. My issue is more that according to the Apps Indicative Earnings Report and the Funding Summary Report that I’ve received, I’m getting 100% funding for those learners. I only expect to get 90% of it due to the employer co-investment (they aren’t 16-18 and in a small employer), so am interested in what it is that I need to do that will take away that 10%.

    I’m happy with the process of invoicing employers and recording their cash payments using the PMR codes.






    I have this morning finally received a response from the Data Service.

    Good morning
    I have been in contact with our data management team – The indicative earnings report will show 100% of the earnings for the apprenticeship, this is because it does not take into account co-funding at this stage.
    The month end reports, which are published after the period close (in this case R10 – so should be released on June 7th) will include the split.

    I hope I’ve offered you a solution that you’ll be happy with, and I’d like to resolve this query. If you’re not satisfied, or need any more information, please let me know in the next 2 weeks by replying to this email.
    Thank you for contacting the SFA Service Centre
    Kind Regards

    I’ve asked for clarification on whether this is going to happen every month, or just this month because they’re not ready. Not ideal to be looking at reports at this point that are incorrect.


    Martin West

    This is in line with the funding technical guide:
    Funding reports
    158. We will continue to provide funding reports to show you what funding we have calculated for you. These will range from headline funding reports to detailed reports at apprentice level; similar to the Funding Summary Reports and Occupancy Reports we currently provide.
    159. You will receive a set of reports when you submit your ILR data which will indicate how much you have earned. The report explaining how it will be paid, either through co-investment, from a digital account, or a combination of the two, will not be available until after the ILR collection has closed for each month. This is so that we can match ILR data with the apprenticeship service at the end of each ILR collection.
    160. These reports will also show the amount of co-investment which you need to collect from each employer, and also show to which employers you need to give additional payments.

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