First day in learning

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  • Deborah B

    Can you please advise we use an electronic system to sign up our apprentices. Can you please advise if the employer was not able to complete the online signature on the first day of learning, due to a gliche in the system and we have proof of this, will we be okay in terms of audit purposes if they signed the next day?

    Many Thanks


    Martin West

    The requirement is to have a Apprenticeship agreement in place at the start (dated from start date), auditors are reasonable and would except that the document may be signed at a later date by one or all of the parties.



    Is this post lock-down? If so you can accept an email from the employer confirming they agree to this, assuming they dont have the means to sign electronically.

    The same applies to the learner

    We can only doing this during Covid-19.



    Paul Rogers

    You should find that during this time auditors should be taking a common sense approach, and that both examples would be acceptable. If you get problems, then speak to the lead auditor advisor at the ESFA, who I believe would also see this as a common sense approach.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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