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    Would anyone be able to talk me through the steps of a entering a withdrawal on the ILR?

    I have 2 learners who were made redundant who are now at the end of the 12 week period for which they can continue to be funded. The technical guidance states that they should now be withdrawn.

    However, I have never completed this process in the ILR return?

    Which sections in the learners record would I need to edit? If someone could help, or point me in the direction of where to look I would be very grateful.

    Thanks, Stephen


    Martin West

    From the PSM: Withdrawal from the apprenticeship programme
    656. The programme aim and component learning aims should be closed.
    657. The Date applies to for the latest Apprenticeship contract type FAM records (on the programme aim and any English or maths aims) must be set to the Learning actual end date of the aim.
    658. Where applicable, employer co-investment should be reconciled to the date of withdrawal. Any employer payments for training and/or assessment that has not been delivered by the withdrawal date should be repaid to the employer. You must record repayments made to the employer with AFinType = PMR and AFinCode = 3.
    659. If the apprentice withdraws without completing a single episode of learning, then they must not be included in the ILR.

    Example: An apprentice on a standard is employed with an employer not on the apprenticeship service who is funded through a contract for services with the ESFA and withdraws after 6 months
    Learning Delivery record for Programme aim 1
    Learning start date: 1 Aug 2019
    Learning planned end date: 20 Aug 2020
    Learning actual end date: 10 Feb 2020
    Completion status: 3
    Outcome: 3
    Withdrawal reason: Relevant code
    Learning Delivery FAM record
    FAM Type: SOF
    FAM Code: 105
    Date from: Not returned
    Date to: Not returned
    FAM Type: ACT
    FAM Code: 2
    Date from: 1 Aug 2019
    Date to: 10 Feb 2020

    Apprenticeship Financial Record*
    AFinType AFinCode AFinDate AFinAmount Notes
    TNP 1 1 Aug 2019 12000 Agreed training price
    TNP 2 1 Aug 2019 3000 Agreed assessment price
    PMR 1 1 Aug 2019 300 First employer contribution for the training
    PMR 1 1 Nov 2019 300 Second employer contribution for the training
    PMR 1 1 Feb 2020 300 Third employer contribution for the training
    PMR 3 10 Feb 2020 300 Repayment from the provider to the employer for training not delivered
    The financial records in the example above are for illustrative purposes only. Refer to the apprenticeship funding rules for requirements regarding employer co-investment



    Thank you Martin.

    I was looking at the ILR specification & technical guide.

    The Provider Support Manual, goes into the depth I was after.

    Appreciate the help.

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