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    The FIS native export to MDB has been developed and is undergoing initial testing.
    This functionality exports directly to MDB with no need for link tables or SQL Express as an intermediate step. This means that users who wish to avoid complex connection strings can continue to do so and still gain the benefits of MDB export.

    The valid, invalid, dbo and rulebase schemas will be exported. Please note that not all tables will be populated – the population is in line with the SQL export.

    We hope to release a version of FIS with MDB export sometime after R03 period end.



    Thanks, I guess…

    No (populated?) DV tables then? Is this it for the year, or just the Minimum Viable Product?


    DV Tables are fully deprecated. The specification, if you need to recreate them, may be found here.

    There is currently no intention to re-introduce the DV rulebase / data. This decision was based on user research of needs.



    Bit of a shame, I’ll just have to calculate age myself!

    Out of interest, for transparency and openness sake, has any of this user research (or a summary of it) been published?


    Great question Steve, we shared some of these findings at the last ‘provider day’. There are more provider days coming with further opportunities for yourself and others to see how we work and ask questions of the teams involved.


    Caspar Verney

    Does this mean that if anyone does not attend the relevant ‘provider day’ or read this thread then they would never know or be able discover this information? If so would it be possible for this oversight to be corrected so that everybody can see and understand what is going on and why?


    Luke Burns

    Now that R03 is out of the way, any news on this?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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