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  • Caspar Verney

    Many of you will know that within FIS there are different version numbers for each data set that it uses (eg LARS, Postcodes, etc.). However identifying what age any of them are or which one is which within SQL is not always as easy. The date stamp in SQL is only the date of installation and that is not the same as the date the reference data was issued (especially when you download an older version).

    I asked the Data Service for help with this at the beginning of November and have just received the following replies which I hope will be of assistance to others:

    Please accept our apologies for the delayed response to your query.

    We referred your query to the FIS technial team and they have advised as below:
    “The reference data available is Version referenced by using numbers. A date being a preference is not an issue.

    However we acknowledge your suggestion and we have added to our Service Improvement Log to add a date stamp of date published for all reference data (LARS, Postcodes, etc). This means that this change will be considered for a future release.”

    “If you look at the SQL databases that FIS uses, there is one called FundingInformationSystem, in here there is a table called Dataset, this table shows which version numbers relate to which databases, so the user should be able to tell which is which.”



    Thanks for posting Caspar

    I’m guessing their Service Improvement Log must be pretty extensive


    Martin West

    I use a simple pass through query from Access to return the versions
    SELECT DatabaseName, DataSetVersion
    FROM FundingInformationSystem.dbo.DataSet;

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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