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    Did / does anyone else’s FIS disconnect from the server and have to re-download all of the data and component sets for 13/14 and have no 14/15 ones available for download (yet)? Is this normal or have I done something really weird?



    Something weird is going on. I’ve logged a call but met with the usual denial from the Service Desk. My FIS keeps defaulting to 13/14, no matter how many times I save 14/15 in DataSet and Reference and it says there are updates available but then fails when trying to download them.

    Will let you know if I hear anything from the Service Desk!



    I had an ADO connection error (database) the first time I ran FIS. So I did the usual, shut FIS down and started it again.

    The second time the component set for 1415 downloaded.

    Then Organization for 1415 and LARS downloaded.

    I can select 1415 Data Set.

    ‘If at first you don’t succeed’ seems to be the FIS mantra.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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