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    I seem to be getting an error on FIS stating that ‘learning aim reference ?????? is Adult Skills funded and is not valid in LARS for this teaching year’ and yet on LARS it shows as ‘Current Provision: Y’ I assume this means Yes.

    Does anyone know if this an error with FIS or does it mean providers should not use the aim?




    What is the learning aim?


    Simon France

    It’s not an aim just for the Unemployed is it?



    Well the learners in question are Classroom learning, which are unemployed. I haven’t read any where that the aim is for ’employed’ or ‘unemployed’ only learners? Would you know where would I read this if it isn’t stated on LARS?



    Sorry Peter, the learning aim is 60076513.



    have you filled in your BSI information?



    I don’t think I’ve had to do that before?


    Caspar Verney

    Hi Leanne,

    You are quite correct that you did not have to fill this in before. In 2012-13 there was no test of the BSI field [Benefit Status Indicator], whereas in 2013-14 there is and hence you will fail the Validation Rules if you do not enter an appropriate BSI code.




    Hi Leanne, there are a number of reasons that these errors will appear. However, for this particular learning aim which you have quoted, the error is being triggered because it is not actually available for any Adult Skills funding. It does not have any funding information on LARA or on LARS and it is also not included on the Skills Funding Agency funding catalogue. In answer to your other question, the learning aims which are only available for the Unemployed or OLASS are identified in LARA/LARS with Flag 17 = Y and also on the funding catalogue in the column ‘Only available for Unemployed or OLASS offer’. The requirement to return the Benefit Status Indicator for learners where applicable was introduced in 2011/12 with the introduction of the Single ILR in XML format. Hope that helps, Sharon King (Skills Funding Agency)



    We have had this error and it was due to the learner not having a correct Employment status record. Once this was corrected the error went.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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