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    Is anyone else getting FFI errors for learners who should be entitled to full funding? For example, ESOL learners who are unemployed, level 2 learners with entry level prior attainment and unemployment, and many more! These are all ASB Classroom learners.
    These are new errors which only appeared after I updated FIS, so I’m not convinced that FIS can be trusted.



    Have you checked that, where required, you have the Benefit Status Indicators set in the Employment Status records.


    Martin West

    Hi John,
    I have not come across any issues with this validation rule and I expect you are missing the appropriate BSI for the learner.




    I have started getting this error for about 6 learners on different aims

    LearnDelFAMType_57 – The Full funding indicator is not valid for this learning aim

    Other learners on the same aim seem to be OK – the ones coming up with that error, have the Unemployment & BSI fields completed. One of them is a 19-23 First Full Level three, and prior attainment at Level 1

    Any thoughts on this error as I am confused


    Martin West

    This rule only applies to aims at Level 2 and below and the BSI is required in the learner’s Employment status on the aims Start Date so if your aim is level 3 another rule may apply.


    If the aim is a valid aim for unemployed offer BSI has to be recorded as JSA, ESA WRAG or UC.


    Thanks everyone
    It was the BSI. Going to have a quiet word with my admin team!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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