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  • Simon Dukes


    Updated the FIS today (1.159.16113) and when I now try to export to an Access database (which has previously worked every time) it now errors.

    Export XML_Finenames data to Access.

    – Task error.

    Anyone else encountered this?




    Yes me too



    Me Too



    Yeh same here, hope they fix it soon as I need stuff from that for my reports! 🙁




    Same here. I have reported the error to the help desk



    I have exactly the same problem, and at the worst possible time… has anyone had any clarity on what’s going on?!


    Simon Cruddace

    There’s another thread about this I think, the fix is to change the component set to the previous version ie 1.95.15904 (014) to do the export. I’ve done my own exporter using autoit which is about 4 to 5 x faster, if anyone wants to try it I could upload it somewhere?



    We had a reply from Greta in another thread in this group:

    The latest FIS known issues doc identifies an issue in FIS component set 015 which prevents ILR data being exported as an Access database file (MDB).

    Providers are advised to use an older component set e.g. 014 to export ILR data to an Access database. Component set 015 only contains a fix to the amalgamation functionality so the impact of using the older component set is minimal.

    See FIS known issues: version 4 (24 April 2014) 4.4.3 for full details.

    This seems to work fine.



    Brilliant! Thanks guys! Got it all working again.


    Simon Cruddace

    Component set 016 is now available.



    …and seems to export to the Access mdb quite happily.


    Martin West

    Hi Luke,
    Yes but it still took nearly an hour, I see they now say that next year it will export in seconds but I will believe that when I see it.


    Simon Cruddace

    It’s not fit for purpose, they probably tested on a top end pc with a tiny dataset.
    In the short term they should have added a reduced export option, one which only did the fis database and excluded the LARS, large employers and postcode data. That would be so much faster and smaller, and quite easy to code.
    The tasks are all in the manifest xml, the export is a collection of sub tasks.
    I actually use the manifest to drive my autoit export script and use the sql scripts for the actual selections and write to a copy of the desktopservices.mdb found in the latest component set. A full export takes about 15 minutes on modest hardware, over and hour for the same export from the FIS. I’ve added options to just export the fis and other subsets too

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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