FIS and the Learner Entry Tool for 2019 to 2020 – available to download now

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    Just to let you know, FIS  and the Learner Entry Tool for 2019 to 2020 are live now.

    Download FIS from here

    Download the Learner Entry Tool from here 

    On download of the tools, you may see a message that says: ‘Windows protected your computer’. Don’t be alarmed. It’s perfectly safe to select the ‘More info’ link and then select the ‘Run anyway’ button.





    I’ve download the FIS zip file and extracted the files. It’s give me a long list of files and folders but how do I install it?

    Are there any instructions available?





    It would have been helpful if they’d bundled the user guide with the software, but you need to go to to get it.

    Short answer – extract everything into a folder and click the catchily-titled “ESFA.DC.ILR.Desktop.WPF.Exe”



    Great, thanks for you help.



    Anyone else received the error message ‘Invalid License data Reinstall is required’?

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    I get Invalid Licence data REinstall is required. Wht do you do to get round this?


    Richard Phipps

    I ran an ILR file through the FIS this morning and all was fine, when I recreated an ILR file I can’t get it to work. Like others I get “We can’t process your file. Check the validation Report for more details:” but there are not validation reports generated.

    I have tried to run the same file through several times as well as three different ILR builds from ProSolution.

    Er.. Help??!



    Sorry I can’t help others who are having problems installing.

    I have successfully installed FIS 1920 and ran an ILT file through it.


    I am getting R30 and R66 Errors which seem to be a repeat of issues back in 2014 and 2016/

    ESFA Data Collections Team, is this a known issue, I can’t find anything wrong with the records that are showing these errors. FYI they are Apprentices who have carried forward from 1819 to 1920. The supposed missing data entry in 1920 is there in my data so don’t understand why the errors are appearing.


    Suzanne Steele

    I have the same issue as Richard Phipps- although managed to run a file earlier??



    Sorry Folks false alarm, with a bit of checking and rechecking my data I found a few minor differences between the 1819 records and 1920 record. Corrected these and no errors.

    I quite like the new FIS for 19 20



    The 1st link given given at the top by the collection team points to the beta URL. Is that correct?



    The new FIS seemed good at first, BUT I cannot find an option for amalgamating files, is this possible?



    When we used the new fis download tool last week, it was a zip file you extracted and then run it from there. Trying today, its downloading an exe now. Has the tool changed since last week for 19/20 ?




    Just wanted to confirm as well. Is this the correct location to download from?



    Does anyone know how to amalgamate files with the new FIS??



    You cannot use the new FIS, they have created seperate software for that called FileMerge.

    User guide:



    Has the FIS changed? It doesn’t look the same as last year’s. I’m looking for the Rules Violation PDF report. Is there an idiots guide to the FIS as I can’t believe I’m not violating any rules!



    I had not noticed the PDF was not being saved with all the other files.

    It does created the “Rule Violation Report” .CSV which what I rely on.


    Peter Talbot

    You don’t get a summary rule violation report, only a CSV file.

    Yesterday I was using FIS version number, Reference Data Date: 2019-07-29 13:43:06Z
    Note the above date and time differs by one hour from the Released date/time on the main dialogue pane, perhaps a GMT/BST thing?

    This system produced error messages differing considerably from those generated in the hub. In particular it thought SOF105 was an invalid source of funds, which is odd since that’s the ESFA.

    Today I used version, the reference data date is blank. On my first attempt I got the same spurious error messages.

    On the second attempt, the FIS system accepted my ILR file with no errors.
    I selected the “output to SQL” option and got a SQL database which looks pretty similar to the old MDB file.

    I think this will be a voyage of discovery for some time to come.




    How did you manage to get the SQL database?




    I have just tried to load some XML into the entry tool (generated from SITS)
    and none of the learners were imported, no error message or anything..

    Anyone got a clue?




    Line 2 of XML being generated by SITS makes no sense so

    amend it to…

    <Message xmlns=”ESFA/ILR/2019-20″ xmlns:xsi=””>



    Apologies for hijacking this thread but just to let people know that the 19.3 (released on the 13th Sept) of ProGeneral/ProAchieve can import FIS data directly from the SQL database, removing the current need for the MDB for ProAchieve, it seems not everyone in the sector is aware yet.


    Peter Murphy

    We have found that whilst importing data from SQL and/or using tools to create your own MDB file can be useful, unfortunately these workarounds do not provide the funding information which is crucial for meaningful QAR analysis.

    During beta testing of our new QAR reporting tool, Strata – we have found our providers can get an accurate match for interim QAR comparisons. However, early analysis of the final 18/19 QAR will most certainly require the full MDB export particularly for E&T provision.

    Thankfully we have been assured by the ESFA that the MDB export is a priority, so hopefully we don’t have much longer to wait.


    Karen R

    Has anybody got the SQL export to work from FIS? I just get a message saying “There is a problem contact the ESFA”.

    I have logged it with the ESFA but awaiting a response.

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