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    But I think the shortcut only works if you are logged in as the same user who installed the software? I couldn’t find any way around that unless anyone knows better? We have it installed on a virtual PC that I would like to be able to share with others but haven’t been able to work that out.


    Simon Cruddace

    The shortcut and software will only work for the installing user as far as I know. The installing user gets permissions on the sql server databases, and when you do an import the name of the database is a based on the installing person and the name of the pc its on… We’ve done the same as you Philipk, a vm called FIS, with a login restricted to just it (also called FIS.) There have been a couple of updates since I installed, so there are now 3 different databases for FIS imports, all starting with FIS_SUB_FIS_fis_XXXXXX_Compon_ then a string of pseudo random numbers. (XXXXXX is first 6 letters of the domain name which I’ve replaced…)
    My colleague and I can both remote desktop to the vm and use the FIS user to login so can both use it.



    We have multiple users of FIS and have created a database called FIS_SUB on our main sql server

    Whenever an ILR is run through FIS, that user drops the existing FIS_SUB from the main server and then re-imports the updated FIS_SUB_FIS_fis_XXXXXX_Compon from their local sql instance

    That way we can have all our reports pointing to an up-to-date copy of the FIS_SUB database without having to worry about the rest of the characters


    Simon Cruddace

    I’ve created a Reports database on the vm the FIS is installed on, then setup some views for efa and sfa on that. I’ve then setup a linked server from my main reporting sql server which points at the reports views.
    I’ve written a sproc on the FIS vm that repoints the reports views to the latest FIS_SUB database. It looks to me that the latest/highest id in [FundingInformationSystem].[dbo].[ProcessingDatastore] has the database name required!



    Thanks for the suggestions – looks like we will have to sort out a generic login…


    Simon Cruddace

    We’ve had audit issues in the past with shared or generic logins, so for this one we’ve restricted it to only be able to login on the vm (and the physical pcs connecting to it, won’t work otherwise!). I’ve setup the remote desktop connection for my colleague and saved the connection details, so they don’t need to know or input the username and password, just click on the shortcut for remote desktop and it just launches straight into the vm desktop

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)

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