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From Thursday 10 December, feconnect will be replaced by ESFA Communities.

Feconnect is being replaced by a more robust, accessible service. ESFA Communities is now live and so feconnect will be read only from Thursday 10 December 2020. From this date it will not be possible to create or reply to topics or posts. Feconnect users will need to create a new ESFA communities account to post, reply or subscribe for email alerts.

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  • ddalby

    Apologies if I’m being daft and everyone else knows the answer to this except me. With FIS now it doesn’t appear to do any updates. Looking on the Hub there doesn’t appear to be a newer version than the one I have installed. Issue I’m seeing is FIS is telling me a qual has gone past LDNS, but on Learning Aims Search the awarding body have got it extended. Running it through Submit Learner Data the quals are accepted.
    Anyone know if FIS can be updated to use up-to-date LARs or am I missing something obvious?
    I’m still old school and like to put through FIS before trying a submission…


    Steve Bowler

    Try this link, shows any updated versions:




    FIS updates are now on Submit Learner Data, rather than the hub.




    Thank you both, I said it was a daft question. I will get some stronger glasses, old age doesn’t come alone…


    Martin Locock

    How do I upload the updated reference data to FIS? There doesn’t seem to be an option when I open FIS.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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