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  • cookco


    Does anyone know if the FIS has every validation rule built into it as per the very detailed ILR Specification ?

    Thanks in advance


    Martin West

    Some validation rules are not included in FIS (those marked as online) but they are included in the SLD validation.



    So if your MIS system has some of them already built in its a bonus however not actually a necessity as these avenues of data validation are sufficient – would you agree?


    Martin West

    No it is better to have full validation built into your MI system as incorrect data is picked up on data entry and not after the ILR has been produced.



    I disagree – not all MI systems provide sufficient validation built in so it is picked up at the data entry point. In ours for example you have to click a button to initiate this process, and we have many data inputters who may not understand the validation rules . Also MI providers don’t always provide timely updates of any validation rules that have been updated in year.

    SLD is so quick these days, extracting an xml file, uploading to SLD and re-importing your errors to work on isn’t a time consuming process really.

    We fully rely on SLD and only use FIS if we need a db file. Never use the in built validation.

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    Martin West

    do not know what you are disagreeing with all I said it is better to have a system that prevents errors at the data entry point.



    Might be for the set up of the system you use, but not all MI providers are the same.

    Not all ILR validation rules are interpreted by MI providers correctly (found many that trigger incorrectly) and for our system we have to do a manual update to the system. Updates only come out periodically and could be weeks/months after a ILR validation rule has been amended/added so you are out of date with validation rules and would only find out when submitting to SLD.

    I would never rely on a third party to inform me of ILR errors in our data, i d rather get it from the source. Our MI provider might be better at it now, but i’d always prefer SLD.

    For us ILR errors inform training and the right training prevents errors and everyone fixes their mistakes to prevent reoccurrence.


    Caspar Verney

    Coming back to @cookco and the question asked: it is not necessary to have validation rules built into your MIS as SLD (and perhaps FIS to some extent) will do all the validation necessary.

    As Martin has said, having an MIS that warns you if you have entered a Date of Birth using the current year is not a bad idea as it gets things fixed at data entry, rather than having to check an output file and then revisit your MIS.

    As @jessicar has said, checking via SLD does give you an ultimate arbiter as that is the one that decides whether you get paid or not.

    So how much checking your MIS does is optional, not compulsory, but it can be helpful.


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