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    Sorry I know this came up last year and I thought it was established that apprentices under FM36 were not subject to ESF match funding. We have received a letter from the ESFA stating that our apprentices could be used for match funding in 18/19 and all that comes with it – use of logo etc. SO I’ve raised it with the service desk who have sent back a standard paragraph from the contract document stating that all apprentices could be subject to match funding. I’ve just had another conversation with the service desk and the guy actually agreed with me and will take it further again. As I said to him though, we are not required to collect household status information under FM36, yet another indication that match funding does not apply. Does anyone know for sure?


    Martin West

    The ILR specifications 18/19 HHS collection requirements have been updated to include ‘Non-levy funded apprenticeships (FundModel 36, ACT2)
    The notes include:
    This is collected for non-levy funded apprenticeships that start on or after 1 August 2018 and is collected at the point of enrolment.
    This data is not collected where a levy funded apprenticeship (ACT1) changes employer to become non-levy funded (ACT2).

    How you determine at enrolment if an Apprentice is levy or none levy is another matter, so it looks like we will have to collect this for all but only include it in the ILR as appropriate.
    The same goes for ESF logo on documentation do we include this but with the proviso that it only applies to those funded as non-levy at enrolment?




    Also, …..

    This data is not required for OLASS learners or for apprenticeship standards



    I have received the following message from the Agency this morning:

    ILR: Match Funding
    Hi Jaci

    apologies for not being clearer. The HHS field is required for 18.19, for Non-levy funded apprenticeships (FundModel 36, ACT2), including standards. We understand that the guidance could be clearer with regards to this.

    The ILR specification, where it refers to “This data is not required for OLASS learners or for apprenticeship standards”, is with reference to funding model 81, though we appreciate this guidance could be easier to follow.

    The blue highlighting on the page supersedes other guidance on the page.

    This information has been checked with the ILR team.

    The ILR provider support manual refer to is the 17/18 document. The 18/19 document has not yet been published.


    Service Centre

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