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    Hi All

    Apologies for starting a new OLDC topic when one is running already – I just wanted to make sure this went out as widely as possible.

    The Data Service has asked me to let you know that there are some delays with OLDC at the moment. As a result, it seems a number of providers are resubmitting files, which is clogging the system up further and delays in processing may continue throughout the day. However, valid ILR files submitted before 6pm today will be processed in this period.

    Cheers, Greta



    Not good enough. When we are busy we are expected to deliver (i’m thinking bringing the final return date forward to October despite it being our busiest period) but when the data service is busy they just fall over and fail.

    the data service need to take some responsibility here. it isn’t right that their response is providers should submit earlier. In fact, the data collection timetable says “Return Date” – not “Return by date”. This infers i should be able to submit today having cleaned the file on the LIS stored locally.



    Hi Greta

    Unfortunately the “valid ILR files submitted before 6pm today will be processed in this period. ” isn’t particularly useful. Our file has been in transmission now for 24 hrs with the reply from the helpdesk of “we hope to get it resolved as soon as possible”. As it is still in ‘Transmission’, how am I meant to know whether our file is Valid or not if it is not processed with the results returned to us.
    What will happen if our file is rejected, even though it was submitted in plenty of time, but we are not informed of any rejections, or invalid learners until after the 6pm deadline. I am assuming that the data service & IA will be making an exception and extended the dealines for providers in this situation? or am I hoping too much here?
    A reply would be very much appreciated.






    Hi All

    Sorry for the multiple OLDC posts and emails – we had a server glitch as I was posting (that has since been sorted).

    Re the OLDC issue, I have been advised that OLDC is still experiencing performance issues and you are still asked not to resubmit the same file/s. However if any changes have been made to a file since it was last returned please make sure it is submitted before 6pm today and joins the queue. If the issues are resolved before 6pm we are unlikely to consider extending the deadline.

    Cheers, Greta



    Hi Greta,

    The problem is LIS and OLDC errors do not always match. I am lucky that mine processes last night with only EDS errors however if I had any other errors I would be panicking right now. I have only made some minor changes today so am confident that we will process without errors. I understand that the dataservice is under huge load on claim days but they should know how many files are going to be processed and how much power they need.




    Caspar Verney

    4:30pm on 6th June which is ILR Return Date – I have just spoken to the Data Service Helpdesk and the OLDC is still experiencing delays. The official advice is still to submit before 6pm and your file will get processed.

    HOWEVER you are unlikely to see whether your file has been accepted before 6pm and if it is not or has any errors then it will be too late to do anything about it.

    This is not an acceptable situation for Providers and sadly the Authorities do not seem to understand the scale of the problem caused to them. As the lady on the Helpdesk said to me, she is just the messenger and this what she has been told to say.

    I know we should have a shiny new system in 2013-14 on a new platform, but that doesn’t mean that things will never go wrong.

    So is it possible for this latest example to be used to construct a new policy to help Providers and allow for an automatic extension of the close date in circumstances such as this? If such a policy could be transparent then the level of panic reflected today could be avoided and the burden could be properly shared instead of only falling on the Providers. Any takers?

    As a first suggestion, I think that what is needed is that if the confirmation of acceptability or errors or rejection cannot be generated within a defined time window throughout the run up to a hard close then a minimum 1 working day extension of the close should occur (and be repeated if the problem remains unresolved).

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