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  • Carolyn Mills

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem recently? We have two new starts 27/03/13 on framework code 488 which due to the pathway being added was closed on 06/03/13 and reopened on 01/04/13 we now have an error in LIS as the Framework code does not exist between 06/03/13 and 01/04/13. Other then changing the start date I cannot see how we can report on the learners appropriately.



    Hi, Yes we had the same issue with framework code 583 so I emailed the data service on friday and got this response:

    Good afternoon Esther

    Further to your query about the framework code of 583, this has been identified as an issue which has been fixed on LARA. It will be visible on LARA tomorrow.

    You will need to upload another file on Monday to the Online Data Collections system which will resolve this issue.




    Couple of my providers had similar issues and this is what we have done: you have to carefully check LARA code concerned on LARA website and double check whether framework number has changed – see the latest date under apprenticeship.. Also, you might need to put 1 under “Apprenticeship pathway”.

    Hope it helps




    Martin West

    I have found the opposite problem with framework 530 where pathway 0 is Effective To: 06/03/2013 but pathway 1 is Effective From: 01/02/2013, note to all ILR validation does not pick up any starts on pathway 1 before the effective from date.



    There has been an on going problem with the LIS giving out errors due to incorrect information from the LARA. I updated the LIS last Wednesday and there errors were still there.



    We have a similar problem. However, it has passed through LIS validation as we updated our LARA. It has been rejected on OLDC after being exported. We have reported this to the data service and are still awaiting a response.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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