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    Hi All – thought i would try here first as help desk is not much use currently

    I have an apprentice who started pre-May 1st 2017 on a framework. due to a job role change, the employer has asked for a transfer to a different framework (the original framework does not fit the new role)

    My question is, as the new apprenticeship start date will be after the first of May, would i need to apply the new rules in regards to starts for non-levy payers – i.e co-investment payments, commitment statements, contract of service etc or does the original framework start date mean the pre-May 1st rules apply?

    I know there is a summary of action section in the performance management rules version 3 but not sure if that applies as the original start comes under the previous rules

    Many thanks in advance



    Transfers are deemed to be new starts so would fall under the new funding model – unless someone knows something I don’t! I hope someone has another robust view as it isn’t something that goes down well with employers, not all of them see the levy and co-investment as a positive!




    We had a similar query last week. We were advised by our ESFA advisor that this would fall under the new funding rules for learners transferring after 1st May 2017 – i.e you would need to collect the co-investment payments.

    Hope this helps



    Thanks for the confirmation. Yet another hurdle…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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