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    Can i just check if I’m right/or wrong… A previous post on here from Donna, answered by Alex at the ESFA said these reports would be produced from R4 onwards.

    I’ve been looking and the last one i can find is R14 from 15.11.18.

    Am i wrong? Have they moved?


    Richard Phipps

    Hi Caz,

    There is a message on the Hub that says “2018/19 FRM Reports will be available from R04 on 20 December​”




    Oh Thank You Richard – there is always 1 place i forget to check!



    Sorry – 1 more question regarding FRM reports…..

    Where do i find the guidance/instructions for these 30 reports?

    I’ve followed the link to: Financial Assurance: Monitoring the funding rules for apprenticeships and adult skills 18-19 – but this appears to be out of date as it only lists 24 reports/they have different numbers etc.


    Ruth CJ

    I can only assume that they’ve cut it back down to only 24 reports for 18/19. Since we haven’t had any FRM reports for 18/19 yet, we can’t tell. Once they appear on 20th December, compare them with the guidance, I guess they will match.




    Has anybody seen their FRM Reports?

    The message says:
    “2018/19 FRM Reports will be available from R04 on 20 December​”

    I can’t seem to see them in the Business Reports section.



    I don’t see it yet either. It should be appearing in the Business Reports tab which is where the 17/18 reports appeared.


    I would check now – was uploaded half an hour ago.




    Ours arrived today



    Downloaded mine this morning – hardly anything on it…… hoping that’s a good thing……



    I’ve downloaded mine and some of the reports are missing from the summery – is this an indication that they are still a work in progress?


    Ruth CJ

    Hi Kate,

    I haven’t got any reports missing in the Summary, all 24 are there. It does look like they’ve cut back the number of reports compared with last year, but the summary matches the report guidance here.



    Hi Ruth,

    It looks at first glance that they are all there on the summary (even the ones with no queries) however I’m missing 3 of them!

    Ill see if they are still missing last month.


    Ruth CJ

    If you have no queries for a given report, you don’t get a sheet for that one. I really like that feature, it means I can just work through every sheet without checking which have data in 🙂



    Ditto That Ruth – I’ve only got 1 report – Boom! 🙂


    Ruth CJ

    You must feel very smug! 🙂

    We’ve got ten, but no shockers. Four of those are to do with Advanced Learner Loans. The rest are mostly daft admin errors, one of which we already had a report for! It highlighted a failing in that report at least.

    We do appear to have one student repeating the same Diploma they achieved two years ago. I’m curious to hear what the curriculum team have to say about that one.



    Anyone noticed report FRM09?

    It appears now that where you code a student with a withdrawal reason of 02 – Transferred to another provider OR 41 – Transferred to other government initiative etc etc, they are now checking all submitted ILRs from all providers to ensure that that student appears on another ILR within 3 months of your actual end date …..

    So basically you can’t just say that a student has moved to another provider, they are now checking …..



    Hi Just a query new to this with the FRM reports I have a spreadsheet duplicate Funding stream (2) but total blank
    My summary says no queries but Funding Stream Apprenticeships from May 17 says no queries but in total Queries has 17 totally confused



    Matt Collishaw

    Hi All,

    Has anyone else noticed FRM – 20 Loans not in the ILR is including Loans that are actually in the ILR, but where the dates between the ILR and the SLC are even just a day out! everything else is correct!

    Given the fact you cannot change the start date once an attendance has been made and is really harsh especially given the fact most of the loans happen during the busiest time of the year. As long as the day is within the same month it makes no difference to payments either.

    If we didn’t have to keep entering the same duplicated data into various government websites these issues wouldn’t even occur.

    I would love to have us the providers have reports to tell the ESFA all the trivial things that are wrong with the DAS and the Period End Reports and demand payment for time wasted 🙂


Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)

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