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    Looking for some help. Recently started with a provider that has a loans contract. Last month there had been a learner put on to the MI system in error prior to the liability point, this then appeared in the FRM reports (FRM 21). The error was fixed and the learner was removed from the ILR, however this month the reporting of the error is still there but no accompanying report – so it reads on the summary queries from previous 1 – change from previous -1 = period percentage change = -100%. I thought when it was fixed it would revert back to 0 – do the changes stay in the summary or is there something I havent done

    Any advice gratefully received


    Paul Rogers


    I’ve just looked at mine, and I think it might be a bug in their reporting. The report is saying that you had 1 query last time, you now have none for this report, and the difference is therefore -1. It means that next month…R10…if nothing appears it will say zero along the entire row.

    So long as you check the actual worksheets attached, and if it shows nothing, it means you have sorted it 🙂




    Fab Paul thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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