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  • Michelle L

    Hi all, if a learner cannot find their FS certs and we document this, we start to deliver training, in good faith on this basis, then they find them, what is the best way to process the aim on the ILR. Do we use Completion status 3 – withdrawn and outcome 1 – achieved ? I’m worried that a 3 / 3 means they wont be able to complete the standard, and if I exempt them it will affect our QAR and the funding clawed back? However, I do want to get it right



    Martin West

    Hi Michelle,
    In these circumstances the ESFA will allow you to claim FS funding up to the point you were aware the certificates had been found,
    You should withdraw them from the aim/aims from this date as completion 3 and outcome 3.

    They will be able to complete the standard as you now have certification evidence of FS achievement.



    And FS aren’t used for QAR for apprenticeships, it’s purely on Programme Aims, so setting them as 3 & 3 isn’t an issue there either.


    Michelle L

    Thank you both! Always so helpful and quick to reply, which is very much appreciated

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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