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    Hello Everyone

    We recently completed a mock ESFA audit and were advise of the following:

    ‘The Learner’s Application form states they are on full time as this reflects the amount of credits. Apprentices should all be recorded/reported as part time despite the amount of credits they complete in an academic year (academic regs may need to be reviewed for apprentices)’.

    Has anyone reviewed their academic regulations to reflect this?

    Many thanks




    What kind of app is this? I’m guessing degree? are you talking about MODESTUD? Because the HESA definition suggests Fulltime is

    Full-time includes students recorded as studying full-time, normally required to attend a HE provider for periods amounting to at least 24 weeks within the year of study, plus those enrolled on a sandwich course (thick or thin), irrespective of whether or not they are in attendance at the HE provider or engaged in industrial training, and those on a study-related year out of their HE provider. During that time students are normally expected to undertake periods of study, tuition or work experience which amount to an average of at least 21 hours per week for a minimum of 24 weeks study/placement.


    (my emphasis) I wouldn’t have thought any app was doing 21 hours study a week for 24 weeks? An app very much isn’t “work experience”, it’s a job.

    Fair to say though that an ESFA auditor wouldn’t care about these fields, but obviously you need to get them right for HEIFES/HESES…



    Thank you for you response.

    I’m not going to lie that I’m still confused about the conflict of reporting between the 2 agencies.

    The ESFA does seem to care about these fields as she has advised us to change them to part time.

    Any further advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks



    Hi K,

    If this does relate to the MODESTUD field, it’s the HESA/OfS definition you need to go by. We have some degree apprenticeships that are full time and some that are part time. We initially had a query from the OfS saying they “expect” apprenticeships to be part time (not that they “must” be), but when we provided the delivery model and showed it met the definition of FT they were happy it was returned as such.

    If your delivery meets the 21hr/24wk delivery pattern then they are FT.

    And I completely agree that the difference between the ESFA and OfS/HESA are a complete nightmare.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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