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    To the best of anyones knowledge, am I right in saying that in 2013/14 under the SFA’s ‘New Steamlined Funding System’ that Functional Skills is going to be funded at a single rate, equivalent to a QCF Award (7-12 credits) with a Programme Weighting Factor of 1.00, regardless of the amount of time we expect a student to take to complete it? i.e. £387.

    Im just checking for sanity, because it represents a significant reduction when compared to the 80 or so guided learning hours it currently takes our students to complete and achieve which under the current system generates us around £550 worth of aim funding.

    Thank you.



    As it currently stands, yes (and for those of us delivering discrete classes for adults of c. 170 hours, imagine how we feel).

    However, I think we’ll see some movement on this value when you look at what’s happened to the Workplace values for FS in-year this year (ie minister makes big announcement, things change, can’t really see them changing back 6 months later)

    Keep an eye on the SFA website today for the Funding Rules and Matrix.



    I had thought lit/num was going to a single listed rate to the equivalent of 100+ GLH can’t remember the exact amount now?


    Martin West

    Hi all,

    From LARA it looks like a single rate of £336 for the single budget for the 45 GLH for all KS.

    What price do they put on improving 11 years of the failed education system?

    Is the answer ALS for those who need additional GLH?

    Hope to see some clarification later in the day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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