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    We have a few recent Apprenticeship starts who have GCSE Eng & maths but have not been able to find their certs and don’t have a PLR. They do not want to sit the FS qual/exam again and are willing to source duplicate certs however awarding bodies are closed/delayed due to Coivd.

    What flexibility do we have in terms of not starting a learner on FS until they have got their certs?
    Could we for example say we will give it a 1/2/3 months duration to spurce and by that time if/when they cant get hold of them we enrol them from say month 3?


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    Yeah, I think that’s OK, just don’t let them get away from you!

    Also, if their IA is coming out at working at L2, if they *don’t* get their certs, there won’t be anything to teach them anyway, you’ll just be putting them in for the test (for which you can’t have the money).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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