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  • melly

    can anyone confirm what is acceptable FS exemption evidence other than a certificate please?
    I have a learner with a statement of provisional results from their school and not the certificates. Would this be acceptable?


    Paul L

    I’ve asked about this previously and a statement of provisional results was not classed as an exemption on ACE



    I know this was the case for ACE in the days of frameworks, but I’m sure I read something to say now statement of results are accepted?



    Some statements of results are acceptable and some are not. A Statement of Provisional results is not acceptable. There are a great many examples on the ACE site of what is and is not acceptable.



    I’d imagine that we have a little more flexibility in terms of what we can accept (ACE had quite strict guidelines re marriage certs etc, for example),but it might be worth checking with the EPAO in case they ask to see exemption evidence at Gateway stage




    Thank you, I think I will check with the EPA for what their requirements are. It would be useful if the EFSA could produce a definite list of what is and what isn’t acceptable forms of evidence.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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