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    We are having difficulty in recording Functional Skills for funding in our ILR. If it is non-levy funded employer, then there is no problem with the ACT contract types as they are both the same with dates relevant to the ZPROG and the Functional Skill.

    However, for Levy funded learners, we are getting the following error in FIS.
    R105 – The learner must not have different Apprenticeship contract types recorded at the same time.

    I have reported this to the Service Desk, but their response was as follows: “I have checked you rule violation report on the HUB and can advise there are no errors in relation to Functional SKills.” ……… That is because I have been unable to submit any; I remove them from the ILR due to the above error.

    Can anyone please advise on this as we can’t seem to claim any FS funding at the moment for levy funded apprentices.





    You record the maths and English FS for levy funded learners as employer funded just like the ZPROG.



    Ruth CJ

    Just to double check, are you recording the ACT on the English and maths as 1 – Apprenticeship funded through a contract for services with the employer? Same as on the ZPROG.

    The ACT type refers to the employer as a whole, not whether you’re getting levy money for that part of the apprenticeship.



    Thanks Ruth & Treise

    I thought I had read somewhere that the ACT Contract type was where the funding was coming from. I will try re-entering them and see if they go through okay next time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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