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  • EllenM

    We have some apprenticeship learners who have transferred to us (previous prime no longer trading). They are also doing FS English and Maths and funding has been drawn down from previous provider.

    Do I register the learners with the legacy FS? As a learner transfer? Can I do that?

    I don’t want to register for the full qual due to funding having been drawn down.

    Any help really appreciated.

    Thank you.



    I now know I can’t register the legacy FS but how do I register the new FS reforms ensuring full funding isn’t claimed?


    Martin West

    It all depends on what proportion you are delivering see the following from the funding rules.

    311. The Funding adjustment for prior learning field should be completed with the proportion of the learning aim that is still to be delivered if the learner is not undertaking the full scope of the learning aim because of prior learning. This can be because of a break in learning, a transfer from another provider, or because of prior learning when they join as a new learner on a new learning aim.



    Thanks Martin. Really appreciated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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