Functional Skills Level 1 when learner has GCSE C

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  • chrislant1

    Hi all,

    I have just been asked if we can fund a functional skills level 1 even if a learner has a GCSE grade C in that subject and if the learner wants to complete it.

    I have been informed that audit has pulled this up before. The only issue that I would see with funding this is making sure your initial assessment shows prior attainment and then you adjust the funding accordingly.

    Any advise would be very welcome on this!






    Unfortunately, no you cannot – if some such file is audited you would have to pay it back and it would be identified as a “funding error”. We had similar situations here and we have given that support to learners for free as the funding rules are quite clear that GSCEs grade C are exempt even though the learners feel that some that support would be beneficial…




    Is there not a time limit on this?

    By that I mean if they got the C grade over 5 years ago it no longer counts as RPL.


    Caspar Verney

    My understanding is the same as Dave’s that if the GCSE was got 5 years ago or longer then they will still need to do Maths & English at Level 1 (and it should be funded).

    Many thanks,


    Wayne H

    I’ve raised this recently whereby some students who were doing functional skills level 2 before they started their level 3 apprenticeship, although a couple already had grade C’s in English but a long time ago (10+) , they were deemed by initial assessment to be below that level now thus could be co funded for delivery

    1..Basically you couldnt prior attain as they were over 5 years old
    2. Deemed to be below level 2 through initial assessment
    3. Required them as part of their apprenticeship thus co funded was acceptable according to the funding team

    Hope this helps

    Wayne Hosking

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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