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    If we have learners that failed their assessments last year but would like to come back to resit with further learning do we use the new learning aim but they can still sit the old assessments as that is what they are resitting not the new one. I wouldn’t think you could od this, how have others recorded this?

    The guidance says to
    5.5.1 Recording retakes and resits
    459. If a learner undertakes a learning aim, finishes learning, takes the final assessment and fails, then this aim should be closed and recorded as ‘not achieved’ (Outcome code 3).
    460. Where this learner is then identified as needing further support or additional learning in order to pass the assessment, then a new learning aim should be recorded as a restart with a Funding adjustment for prior learning to account for the new learning required to pass the resit. You must not amend the original, closed learning aim.
    461. Where no further learning is required and the learner is only resitting the assessment or exam, then this is not funded by the ESFA and a new aim must not be recorded.

    If we did this it would error to say the learning aim is not in use



    Kevin Bunn

    Hi Debbie

    We have just been taken to task by an ESFA Auditor because we were closing down Functional Skills Aims as above when the learner failed their exam, and then opening a new aim.

    She has recorded these as errors against us and made us remove all of the new aims and re-open the closed aim! In her view you only closed the aim when they completed or were withdrawn.

    You can not win, no one team talks to any other team at the ESFA.

    Regards Kevin



    Hi, I have a similar situation and was wondering whether there were any updates to this? I coded the failed learning aims in line with the provider guide (bit concerning that an auditor said this was wrong!) intending to use the same learning aim for the extra learning/resit but it is only valid for starts up to 31/08/2019 …




    if you code it as a restart then it should accept it and bypass the learning aim not in use issue.



    Thank you!

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