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    There has been a lot of talk arounfd the increase in funding for Functional Skills delivered to employed learners as part of apprenticeship etc. Does anyone know what is happening to the normal classroom delivered Functional Skills Quals? are these remaining unlisted on LARA and therefore funded on the number of hours delivered or will they be listed from next year? I seem to remember there was talk of them being listed at 45 glh?



    Hi Chris

    No increase for classroom funding in 12/13. At the moment they’ll be a spot point in 13/14 that, up until now, has been £433. However yesterday’s Skills Funding Statement ( said:

    The Skills Funding Agency is reviewing the current shadow rates which are due to come in
    next year (2013/14 AY) and the finalised rates will be published in January. The adult GCSE rate
    will increase in line with Functional Skills.

    so that looks quite heartening. It also talks about QCF units of Eng and Maths too, which might be handy…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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