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    Working on a costing matrix currently.

    We are wondering if we can include the cost of a mentor as a fundable cost. The mentor role provides some training and some supervision. The apprentice will spend 12 weeks with a mentor carrying out field work, putting into practice the training they received at training school.

    The below rule is causing some confusion. Would our mentor role be a fundable cost or not?

    cannot fund:
    “time spent by employees/managers supporting or mentoring apprentices, or the time of other employed staff arranging training support, except where this is directly linked to the training and assessment, including end-point assessment. For example, we would not expect to pay for any time spent by the apprentice’s line manager for any of these activities”


    Martin West

    You can claim for any time the mentor is training the Apprentice but not the time they are supervising, managing or supporting the Apprentice so it would be a proportion of the 12 weeks, how you arrive at or evidence this is the problem.



    Thank you Martin. That was my thought exactly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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