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    Morning all! Can anyone please tell me where the funding data is pulled from in Maytas, on the “claim details” tab. Would it be a Maytas update? Or is it something I can import? Most of my learners have a “last updated” date of April 20. When i go into each individual learner and update manually (just a click of the refresh button) it takes quite a while for it to refresh?! It would be good to know if I can update everyone in one hit, at any given time.




    as per the release notes whenever you get an upgrade:
    you need to import the LARS and postcode data into the system.

    You should then do the funding cache refresh (you can see this on the support ribbon). This takes about 10 minutes, and then the claims tabs should be working correctly. This should happen every night. If it’s not, then you need to talk to support to get it automated.


    Michelle L

    Thanks Davej! I do an import of LARS and postcode data at each release, as per the financial calendar, so last date was 23 June – see below

    Deadlines and actions
    4 June: ILR R10 collection (Apprenticeships, AEB and 16 to 19)
    11 June: year-end funding claim
    Information and updates
    19 May to 4 June: ILR collection availability
    8 June: receive period end report (Apprenticeships and AEB)
    18 June: receive provider payment
    23 June: LARS data release (Apprenticeships and AEB)

    Is the funding cache refresh only available at import stage? I see from the calendar there is a LARS release due 9th July so I can always try then, only a couple of days 🙂



    No, you can manually do the funding cache (if you look on the support ribbon, you should see it there). However, Maytas should automatically do this every night. Might be worth contacting support so they can check it’s happening.


    Michelle L

    Thanks davej. I have emailed support and they have acknowledged that it should be automatic, but hasn’t been set up correctly! I don’t see it under the support ribbon, so I have had to ask my IT department for access rights. You have made me one happy lady now I know this can be updated automatically and current at any given time 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks a million

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