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  • simonl

    I am doing some work with the Aug-19 claim funding reports, and have come across an oddity, in that some learners have a funding line type of “None”
    This field usually indicates age and Levy/NonLevy, e.g.
    19+ Apprenticeship Non-Levy Contract (procured)

    Any ideas why these would be coming up as “None”?


    Martin West

    Had 2 examples where the ACT record was not included and these where reported as ‘None’ and even without a valid funding line funding was included in the reporting.


    Paul Corker

    I think this is because you have not exported your ACT records. This happen to me but the Rule Violation from FIS/SLD/HUB missed it. We were called by the ESFA who advised to filer on the what you have done.



    Thank you both

    I can see in their record we have included an ACT record, when you mean export the record is this that the ILR has not pulled them through when we submit the leaner data?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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