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  • naheed

    I have a student who is enrolled on Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) course. She has only completed 2 modules and wishes to return in Autumn next year to complete the rest. How do we fund this student for this year. This course finishes in July 2013.


    Tony Braithwaite


    If the student’s planned end date is July 2013 then you will have received all the funding under the 12/13 funding methodology for the aim. You will have to record her as a failure to achieve in your 12/13 ILR. As PTTLS is an award and thus not fundable in 2013/14 except for unemployed then you can’t claim any funding for her continuation to complete the units. I guess that it would be between your college and her to negotiate whether she should pay or not. It will of course affect you QSR.





    We were informed by SFA that PTLLS could not be funded for those unemployed – that the catalogue entry was wrong!!


    Jackie Talbot

    This is a very timely question as I am just looking into whether or not to run PTLLs next year. I had just decided that we could run it, as it is in the catalogue, but that there would be no 24+ Loan for it. Who should I contact at SFA to confirm whether or not PTLLs is fundable please?

    Sorry to the OP for jumping in on their initial query…



    Paul ESFA


    The email address to raise these queries with is I raised the PTTL query above with them and had this back…

    PTTLs at level 3 is available only as part of the offer for the unemployed age 19-23. Not available for a loan as it is an Award

    PTTLs at level 4 available as part of the offer to the unemployed, but can also be co-funded age 19-23. Not available for a loan as it is an Award

    I hope that helps. Jenny could you let me know more about the advice you were given about the catalogue being wrong? If you’d like to contact me outside of this forum my email is

    Many thanks

    Paul Kelman
    The information authority


    Jackie Talbot

    Thank you very much Paul – that certainly does help


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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