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    I’m looking for some guidance on recording Learning Hours for non-funded learners.

    We have some learners that are non-funded through ESFA and will be on FM99 and SOF998.
    They are undertaking the same course content as our FM36 funded Learners on Apprenticeship Standards.

    I’ve been told by ESFA for our non-funded learners, “The rest of the fields should be recorded as per the usual Apprenticeship process without the use of the ACT code or financial details.” – Does this include Planned Hours entity?

    In the ILR Specification, pg 130 – Planned Hours (Collection Requirements, FM36 -Apprenticeships) relates to the planned OTJ training hours for the duration of the programme.

    In the ILR Specification, pg 54 – Planned Learning Hours (Collection Requirements include Non-Funded FM99) relates to total planned timetabled hours for learning activities for the teaching year.

    Would I record the non-funded learners on Planned Hours or Planned Learning Hours?

    Hoping someone can clarify this for me.

    Thanks in advance!


    Martin West

    Where you are returning unfunded Apprenticeships in the ILR you record all the fields as per a funded Apprenticeship excepting for those fields that relate to funding.
    PlanLearnHours: This field does not need to be returned for learners undertaking only apprenticeships.
    Planned hours – PHours: For apprenticeships this field collects the Planned off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) as per the commitment statement.


    Ruth CJ

    ILR spec says you only need PHours (OTJ) for funding stream 36. I wouldn’t include it for an unfunded apprentice.


    Martin West

    I am aware what the ILR guidance is, but the following is the reason you should include OTJ hours.
    57. Training organisations are asked to send details of apprenticeships that are not funded by the ESFA in the following circumstances:
    where the apprenticeship programme is delivered within the terms of an ESFA contract

    The 20% OTJ training requirement is required by act of parliament and it covers both funded and unfunded Apprenticeships.


    Ruth CJ

    How on earth are providers supposed to know that, when the guidance specifically states it’s only for funding stream 36? That should be indicated in the ILR Spec.

    Can you direct me to chapter and verse where it says an act of parliament makes 20% OTJ a requirement for unfunded apprenticeships? We shouldn’t be forced to piece together many pieces of guidance that contradict each other, to try and establish what we should be doing. I do agree that unfunded apprentices should be doing 20% OTJ (or they’re not really apprenticeships), but the guidance does not require that you record it in that field.

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