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  • Paul Banks

    Hi All,

    Has anyone else delivered a GCSE (9-1) Short Course and getting the following error:-

    Rule Name Field Values Error Message
    OutGrade_07 OutGrade=’4′,LearnAimRefType=’2999′,Outcome=’1′ This Outcome grade is not valid for this type of qualification

    We have delivered GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies – 60183998 and recorded the Grades as 9-1. The service desk have advised me to record the equivalent Grade A-G, which I’m not too happy with. I wondered if anyone else had come across this and had a fix?

    Any ideas?


    Martin West

    From the ILR specifications you should be able to enter grades A-F or 1-9 for any 2999 aim, I suspect it is an error their end and what they have advised is the only workaround they can come up with.


    Paul Banks

    Thanks Martin, thought I was going mad to be honest and we had read it wrong.

    Latest response from ESFA:-

    “The learner needs to be recorded with the outcome code form appendix Q, I used a C as an example and ran the data through FIS and the data validated, you need to ensure that the outcome code matches the course which is being delivered.

    As your learners are 16-19 funded we cannot advise on the code to use as we do not cover that provision. ”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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