Generic aim conversion

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  • Alan Taws

    In preparation for 2013/14, the IA has recommended that providers should start using the new generic aim codes for starts in May, with some of the current codes being phased out by end of May. First of all I’m concerned that the new codes won’t generate any funding in the current year and second for us this means re-coding our Z9OPxxxx and ZFLP0001 aims.
    However ILR specification appendix H simply refers us to LARS in order to find the new codes. As LARS is not available yet, where do we find the new codes?


    Kate Richards

    I was looking for some of these codes just yesterday and found some in LARA. There are approximately 1700 generic aims already in LARA and I believe the list will get longer. To search for them I used a qual code of Z0% and then used SSA2 and level.



    As far as I can tell, they are just the SFA non regulated aim references. Does anyone know if/when the EFA references will be published? Like Alan, I’m concerned I will have to wait until August to be able to sort this out.




    Be careful with those ones that are already on LARA, particularly for small quals as they’re not based on the extended Awards version of the matrix, they’re still on the old credit split (1-4, 5-12), because they’re really pilot codes for OLASS for 12/13.

    I was at a meeting with Alex Cook (who is making all of these aims) four weeks ago exactly and the plan was to get them (or at least the SFA ones) on the catalogue as soon as possible, even if they didn’t have official funding values because we can work them out for ourselves, right? I’ve been meaning to chase him up on a few things, I’ll Report Back if I hear anything.

    I wouldn’t worry about using the new codes for aims that exist solely in 12/13, you only need them for those that carry over into 13/14.


    Alan Taws

    My query was in relation to 16-18 learner responsive provision and the instruction from the IA was to enable us to deal with migrating generic codes prior to August – it would be helpful if we cold convert our generic aims now, but as i’ve said above, I can’t find a list of the 2013/14 code equivalents for the Z90P???? and ZFLP0001 aims.



    Sorry, doesn’t help your 16-18s, but the new SFA catalogue (published 9th July) has circa 3500 of the new codes in it.


    Caspar Verney

    According to the meeting at the IA yesterday they hope to publish a beta release of LARS for use with FIS in August. This will/should have a lot of codes in, but not necessarily all. The definitive list should come out with the first full release of LARS in October (unless something delays it!).

    Many thanks,



    Yet again the people who make the decisions to change software and simplifiy funding etc can’t be relied on to yet their software out on time…
    Since when did the Contracts start in October?
    What happened to August and September?
    How long have they known about these software changes?
    And sadly why am I not surprised that they will not up and running by August
    I know we will be paid on profile, but that is besides the point! As a smallish private provider delivering apprenticehips and study programmes, what to know what we have earned each month. Waiting until October (unless as Casper says above – something delays it), is completely outrageous and unacceptable.


    Alan Taws

    I’ve got an update from the Data Service – revised guidance was published this month on generic aims (see the ILR specification annex B and guidance at

    The new placement codes (appropriate for 16-18 Study Programme) are listed below but these don’t appear to be recognised in LARA (EDIT: they are listed in LARA but no funding data) and they don’t validate through LIS in the current year – so the advice from the IA that we could register the new generic aims for current learners now in order to avoid a heavy workload in August doesn’t seem to be true for the new placement aims at least.

    Z0002341 Work experience/placement, 0-41 hrs
    Z0002342 Work experience/placement, 42-126 hrs
    Z0002343 Work experience/placement, 0127-167 hrs
    Z0002344 Work experience/placement, 168-252 hrs
    Z0002345 Work experience/placement, 253-336 hrs
    Z0002346 Work experience/placement, 337+ hrs


    Joanne Knowles

    Does anyone know if we are to use the ZPROG001 Aim for Apprenticeships for 13/14 just i cant find this anywhere in any guidance i have contacted the support desk and still waiting for a reply to this?

    Any help would be good thanks


    Caspar Verney

    I believe that the ZPROG001 line is a must for Apprenticeships in 2013-14.

    However it is NOT used for a Traineeship (also mentioned in this thread).


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