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  • KSmith

    Hi All

    I have received the resent Remittance in regards to Employers Grant Payments. These are usually under ‘additional payments for the employer’ however the remittance no longer states this.
    We do have a number of eligible payments therefore is anyone aware if this is now under an alternative description




    We have received a Remittance for 16-18 additional payments for employers, but it is only showing a few “reconciliation” transactions. Our Indicative funding reports shows £90K+ payments for September, but these are not included on any of the Remittances we have received so far in October. I have reported this to the Service Desk. As you say unless it is on the main remittance under a different description, but I can’t see any amount that relates to them. Will update this post if I get a response from Service Desk.



    Hi all

    I do believe it will all be revealed when we are paid at R03?
    But I wouldn’t hold my breath!



    Caspar Verney
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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