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    Can someone please help, we have a couple of discussions going on regarding what is the definition of a guided learning hour

    Is guided learning only class based face to face with the learner?
    What about online learning, moodle, student working from home with access to the tutor etc can this be counted as GLH?

    Any responses will be helpful!



    Martin West

    Hi Paula,
    Over the years due to the introduction of different delivery model other than standard tutor lead classroom delivery the issue of GLH (Guided Learning Hours) has led to confusion over the definition* (the number of supervised learning and assessment hours).
    *Guided Learning Hours – made up of activities that are completed by the learner under the direct instruction of a lecturer, supervisor or tutor whether through physical presence or electronic means

    In 2015 TQT (Total Qualification Time) was introduced to clarify this for RQF qualifications and the current definition* includes supervised and unsupervised learning and assessment hours.
    *Total Qualification Time – made up of GLHs plus all other time taken in preparation or study not under direct supervision of the lecturer, supervisor or tutor.

    The current qualifications data for RQF qualifications from Ofqual and included in LARs lists both the Guided Learning Hours and the Total Qualification Time for each qualification.



    Thanks for your help Martin


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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