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  • Jo Phillips

    Hi there

    Please can anybody comment on this I’ve been asked Where NARIC states the Level 2 equivalency, we can upload the learners’ certificates and cross reference to NARIC’s regulations as shown on their platform.

    Where NARIC doesn’t state a Level 2 equivalency, currently we (as a University) are permitted to have a vouching for the UKVI TIER4 Visa requirements. As one government agency is satisfied with this process (the vouching policy and grade matrix is used as evidence) would the ESFA also be happy to accept this as an alternative?

    ‘The UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) authority allow HEI’s to make an independent decision on how to assess English Language proficiency as equivalent to CEFR B2. Cambridge International Examinations equates IGCSE English grade C to CEFR B2 ( Staffordshire University allows applicants to demonstrate B2 equivalency in a number of ways though a Vouching Policy which is used as part of our UKVI audit documentation and is closely monitored by our International Admissions manager and UKVI Compliance Officer.’

    Does anybody think the ESFA would accept a similar policy?

    Just wondered if anybody had a view.

    Many thanks



    Martin West

    This is included in the guidance
    Overseas qualifications will be acceptable where there is clear evidence, from NARIC (via a certificate/statement of comparability) that the qualification is an equivalent level to the minimum requirements for English and maths and there is additional comparison information that confirm the qualification is an equivalent of GCSE English and/or maths (A* to C).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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