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  • Richard Phipps

    Hi all,

    We have some HE learners who are Northern Irish. Our Finance department has the loan information for them and they have told us that it is paid through Student Finance England, but are marked as Domicile – Northern Ireland, -South Eastern (Northern Ireland) Award Authority.

    My question is should I put the Fee Major Source as 02 – English or Welsh LEA award, or is there another source for Northern Ireland I should use as it sounds like the funds might be passed from another award authority?

    I don’t normally deal with this HE data field, so hoping someone can help.

    Thank you,



    Hi Richard

    ILR Spec page 201 suggests “4 DELNI/Northern Ireland Education and Library Boards” as the value for NI students?


    Richard Phipps

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for looking at this and helping 🙂

    I saw that too, it’s just the fact that we haven’t received the money directly from a Northern Irish Funding Body that is making me question which one to put down.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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