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    Can some clarify the rules around the Home Postcode fields (not Current Postcodes)?

    My understanding is that the Home Postcode is the one that is used to determine the disadvantage uplift and it should be the postcode that relates to the learner’s address at the point that they enrol for a programme. If they move during the year then the Current Address and Current Postcode fields change but the Home Postcode remains static.

    We have a learner who enrolled in 2010 on a one year course and there was no problem there. However the same learner came back for another one year programme in 2012-13, but they had changed address in April 2011 so their old address had an end date against it and the new one was valid from January 2012 yet the old one has been generated into the ILR as the Home Postcode for a learner with a course starting in September 2012.

    I have now been told:
    “The postcode prior to enrolment is the postcode prior to the first enrolment at the provider.
    Not the postcode prior to the first enrolment for a given funding year”

    It sounds mad that the uplift is generated from a postcode that the learner has not lived at for years.

    Can anyone confirm?


    Martin West

    This is a contested issue due to the poorly defined requirement of:
    ‘The Postcode prior to enrolment must not be updated if the learner moves house after enrolling with the provider’.
    I have always assumed that ‘prior to enrolment’ means the current enrolment be it a 1, 2 or 3 year programme or Qualification and that this data should be renewed at the start of each year to reflect that as at the enrolment start. I know some software supplier’s MI systems default to the first recorded postcode as this is before enrolment but I believe that this is incorrect when it does not reference the current enrolment.
    The requirement that it must not be updated after enrolling with the provider does not define what enrolment and this is the cause of the confusion over this issue.
    While we are all technically correct in our own interpretation of this requirements when this is compared against the ESF requirement which is the day before start of the current programme this does confirm the common sense approach and a clear definition that could be included in the ILR rules.



    For both adults and young people the Postcode prior to enrolment should be that at first enrolment.

    Where there is a clear break between learning programmes, not just the summer holiday between years one and two for a young person, then the Postcode prior to enrolment may be revised.

    One thing that definitely must be avoided is changing a postcode so that the rate of funding on a programme that is already in progress is changed.

    Also the way you apply any changes should be consistent. That is the process should not be influenced by whether the change in Postcode prior to enrolment results in an increase or decrease in funding.

    I hope this helps.

    Mark Shield
    Information Authority


    Martin West

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for the clarification and I accept that providers should not take advantage of the rules and regulation to increase the funding claimed.
    I do however have an issue with this as you have used the statement ‘at first enrolment’ and this is the route of the confusion.
    I first enrolled at Heburn Technical College in 1950 if I were to go back what postcode should be used, can you see the problem?
    Common sense would say that it must be related to the current period of study returned in the ILR and the guidance should reflect this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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