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    Now that they have removed funding stream 45 from the 13/14 ILR Specification I am wondering how we go about differentiating between

    Employer Responsive and Learner Responsive Funding?

    We used to use funding streams 22 and then 45 to split the two but now we will be unable to do this due to the two being merged into the single Adult Skills Funding Funding Model.

    Ideally we need to separate out

    WPL (I think there is a WPL Flag in the Learning Delivery and Monitoring Type, page 124 of ILR Spec)
    Learner Responsive

    Any suggestions would be great



    We are currently working on the basis of

    – If Learner Aim Funding Model=10 then equates to old-style ‘ASL’
    – If Learner Aim Funding Model IN(25, 70, 82) then equates to old-style ‘LR’
    – If Learner Aim Funding Model IN(35, 81, 99) AND WPL=1 then equates to old-style ‘ER’
    – If Learner Aim Funding Model IN(35, 81, 99) AND WPL1 then equates to old-style ‘LR’

    but I’d be ‘happy’ to be corrected.



    Hello Gaz,

    You’ve pretty much nailed the answer in your question i think – i assume you’re talking ASB; ER (workplace learning) and LR (classroom learning) are differentiated – like you say – using the LDM code. The Provider Manual and Funding Rules define what Classroom and Workplace learning are (well it defines Workplace and suggests Classroom is everyhting else).

    Apprenticeships are defined as they have the programme code etc, so that is much clearer.

    Hope that helps.


    Martin West

    Hi Gaz,
    A quick look at the Alpha SIF mdb file indicates that ASL, ERApp, EROther, LR1618, LRAdult and OLASS are still included so these may be included in reporting.
    I do not anticipate there being a problem as the ILR includes the classroom/workplace indicator and the programme aim and frameworks identify Apps from EROther.



    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I think after some further research the question I have is

    how do we differentiate between

    ER App
    ER Other

    From Martin’s response (thanks Martin) we can do this by checking to see if there is a framework. But I am curious if anyone knows how the SIF will officially do it?

    I was reading the EFA Technical Guidance

    Just wondering if there is an equivalent for

    Adult Skills Budget or the SIF?

    Sorry I’m learning as I’m very new to much of this.



    Martin West

    Hi Gaz,
    The assumption is if 35 and the aim type = 4 and the WPL indicator is set then it is not part of an Apprenticeship so it must be ER_Other.



    Hi Martin,

    Looking at pages 9/10 (page numbers at the bottom of the Provider support Manual) for 13/14

    It reads on number 31,

    Workplace learning is defined as:

    * any learning aim mainly delivered within a workplace and in connection with the employed Learner’s occupation or their employer’s business and,
    * any learning in an Apprenticeship Framework.

    Number 32 below then reads

    * Workplace learning must be identified in the Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring fields of the ILR using code WPL1 (see paragraph 283)

    Paragraph 283 reads

    This should be used to indicate that the learner is undertaking workplace learning as
    defined in the Skills Funding Agency Funding Rule. All learning aims that were
    recorded with code 45, Employer responsive, in the Funding model field, must be
    recorded using the Workplace indicator, with the exception of those aims using FAM
    code LDM125

    It implies that Apprenticeships should have the WPL indicator set for Apprenticeships? – Unless Apprenticeships use LDM125? Because it is classed as WPL?

    Sorry if I have misunderstood the provider support manual.

    Thanks for the help, really appreciate it.


    Martin West

    Hi Gaz,

    LDM125 is used for classroom learning delivered under funding stream 45 used by those providers that do not have an ALR contract (really funding stream 22) and is nothing to do with an Apprenticeship.

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