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  • JadeTurnerTC

    Hi all

    I’m trying to check the level of funding for some new Apprenticeships we’re looking to offer but I’m not exactly sure how to read the information on the Hub.
    Learning Aim ref: 6001135X for example – is this available for funding for 15/16 for Apprenticeships?
    It states the SFA approval status is not approved for new starts but then says underneath approved on section 96?

    Also, for Apprenticeships funding for 19+, do you take the ‘Apprenticeship’ weighted funding rate and halve it?

    Thanks so much for any help.



    Hi Jade, if you check on the City and GuIlds funding page website, it states that this qual has recently been updated but it’s not showing on the LARS yet. LARS only updates every month or so, so it won’t show until early June when the RO turns over. The link to the C&G page is here;

    and it might be worth checking the latest version of the SImplified Funding Rates Catalogue on .GOV
    as someetimes, that is updated before the LARS.
    Hope that helps.



    It also gives the funding rate for 19+ on the City and Guilds funding pages. We update them every time the SFA informs us that more qualifications have been approved via the SFA approval and submission process that’s occuring presently due to the qualification reforms.
    B 🙂



    That’s so helpful – thank you!


    Martin West

    Hi Jade,
    This qualification is currently still approved for Apprenticeships but not for general SFA delivery in 2015/16 and yes you are correct on the funding calculation for 19+.



    Hi all

    If an apprenticeship framework / learning aim shows as “Skills Funding Agency approval status: 4 – Not Approved for New Starts” what does this mean?

    Everything else seems to suggest it is ok and funded…


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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