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  • slsolomons

    Hi Everyone,

    We are using the ESFA ILR Learner Entry tool for our monthly entries, as we don’t have many learners. It has suddenly just occurred to me that we’ll be getting the new 20/21 software soon. Does this mean I have to re-enter all of the data from the 19/20 application onto the new one, including all the previous changes in circumstances etc whilst these learners continue with their Apprenticeship?


    Martin West

    No, you import your R12 into the 2020/21 ILR entry tool and it should migrate learners over to 20/21 but you will need to check it has done this correctly.
    You would then continue to run the 19/20 tool for R13 and R 14 but use the 20/21 tool for R01, R02.



    Thanks Martin, but then I would miss this month’s deadline because the 20/21 ILR entry tool isn’t available until mid August?


    Martin West

    You use the 19/20 tool for this months return (R12)



    Hi Martin Just a quick question

    If I have learners who start in August would i put them on the 1920 entry tool or the 2021 R01


    Martin West

    The 2021 tool

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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