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  • slsolomons

    Good morning all,
    New provider here!
    I’ve received an email from DAS to say their is a mismatch on the ILR submission regards funding. For Team Leader L3 it says my ILR submission is £5400 and the price period is from August 2019 to July 2020, however, I have input the price as £4500 and the dates from August 2019 to January 2021.
    Could their be a bug in the system or is there another section I should have put the dates in?
    Unfortunately, as mentioned in an earlier post. LRS has wiped the learner data so I need to input the entire cohort again anyway, but it also means I can’t check back to see what I’ve done wrong.
    Any suggestions gratefully received.



    I’m having the same problem with two learners on DAS – I have contacted the apprenticeship service but I am yet to receive a response.

    I believe the error is created by prices being amended on the ILR so I think you have to amend it back to what the price was originally and then add another record showing what the correct price is with a later date. This is what I was told last time I had this issue so I did the following but now I’m still getting the same errors for the same learners so I’m just waiting for them to get back to me.

    If I hear anything else I’ll let you know!



    thank you 18illy



    This was their response:

    ‘We are aware of an issue some providers are experiencing where a price change in the ILR is not pulling through into the Apprenticeship Service (AS). We have carried out detailed investigations to develop a resolution for this issue.

    Whilst a permanent resolution is being developed, the below workaround can be used to ensure the (AS) records affected pass through DLOCK and payments made. The workaround is as follows:

    ILR amendments:

    For the affected price in the ILR that is not pulling through into the Apprenticeship Service (AS), the Provider will need to amend this prices’ ‘effective from’ date in the ILR to be the 2nd day of the month from which it applies.

    AS amendments:

    The Employer will need to stop the original AS record to match the month in which the updated price has been recorded by the provider on the ILR.
    The Employer can then add a new apprentice record on the AS for the new price (the price on the AS must match the TNP1 price and/or TNP2 recorded in the ILR). The start date of the new record must be in the same month as the updated price effective from date. The new record must have a planned end date which is at least one month in the future (i.e. the current month is August so the planned end month must be September or later).

    We expect this will remove any DLOCK attached to the AS record and allow the learning to flow through the AS and trigger payment.’

    very long winded….


    Caspar Verney

    “We expect” does not fill me with confidence. Does this mean this suggestion is theoretical and untested?

    What will be the answer if this does not resolve the problem or makes it worse?

    Will the permanent resolution be available before 2020-21?



    In the end I didn’t amend or change anything as this causes errors – when I went back onto DAS yesterday to have a look at the mismatch error again the value had changed, previously it was saying that the ILR value was £1,500 more than the price on the digital account but when I checked again yesterday it’s now saying it’s £1,500 less than the price on the digital account, so clearly they have been tweaking with something but it still isn’t right.
    I’m going to call them again today and see if there’s anymore news….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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