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  • ry.h

    This may be a silly question but does the ILR Specification for 18/19 only apply to submissions from 1st August 2018?

    For submissions from previous year do you continue to use the ILR Specificaion for 17/18 until the period end?

    Follow R14 18/10/2018 is there any need to use the ILR Specification for 17/18 anymore?


    Martin West

    Hi Ryan,
    For the remaining 2017/18 returns R12, R13 and R14 the 2017/18 ILR Spec applies, from R01 2018/19 the 2018/19 ILR Spec applies even though you will be returning this at the same time as R13 for 2017/18.
    There should have been a better explanation to this but that’s the best I can do.



    Thanks for the reply Martin!

    If a learner was to start learning in July would they be submitted on R13 and R14 then continue with R04? Or would they be submitted for both periods?

    Are the instances where a learner would only be included in the submission for one period where there is a cross over?


    Martin West

    The one over ridding consideration is that previous periods ILR’s are over written and that it is the final ILR R14 that must contain all learner records claimed during the funding year.

    Where learner starts in July they would be included in R12, R13 and R14 for 2017/18, this learners record would also be carried over to R01 in 2018/19.
    Hope that makes sense.



    Thanks Martin. Does that mean all learners regardless of when they start would be returned for both submissions during a crossover essentially meaning the ILR submissions are the same given the exception of the different ILR specification rules?

    A learner that starts in January would be included in R12, R13 and R14, as well as R01, R02, R03? As would a learner starting in July.

    Or is it the case that a learner who finished learning in say February would be reported up until R14 with a status of completed but they would not be included in the R01?


    Martin West

    A learner who started in January would be included in R12, R13 and R14 and where still current at R12 would be migrated to 2018/19 and included in R01 on, any learner with a completion status of completed at R12 would still be included in R13 and R14 but would not be migrated to 2018/19.

    It is worth considering the ILR collections timetable
    17/18 R12 06/08/2018
    18/19 R01 06/09/2018
    17/18 R13 14/09/2018
    18/19 R02 04/10/2018
    17/18 R14 18/10/2018
    A learner recorded as continuing from R12 17/18 would be migrated and included in the R01 18/19 ILR.
    The 17/18 R12 data is not expected to change in R13/R14 except for updating for outcomes and late changes during this period, these changes will also have to be copied and replicated in the 18/19 migrated ILR data.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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