Incentives to the Employer

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  • Lisa


    Anyone aware of the below?

    “The government has put in place some incentives for the sector to help cover the cost of all training requirements.

    • For any staff member who is under 25 then the employer can save money on NI contributions. The employer doesn’t need to pay for the employees NI contributions for the duration of the course. This can help cover the cost of the training which is required for the staff member. For example for a staff member who earns £16,500 per year would save the business £1,157 in employer NI (higher salaries would therefore save more). This means if they booked on to complete a Childcare level 3 course for example as an employer you contribute £200 this would be covered by the NI savings which would still make you a profit of £957 for the NI savings.”

    I am being asked about this by an employer we deliver apprenticeships to that they have had from another TP source. If it is applicable to this age group is it something the employer would claim? Do they need anything from their TP?

    Many thanks



    Martin West

    The employer would identify the employee as an apprentice (codes used for age group) on their HMRC return this would attract the reduction in NI if due.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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