Incorrect Completion Payment Received

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    Could anyone please assist with an issue that I have regarding a completion payment?

    It would seem that we have been paid an incorrect amount for a completion payment, the candidate was a change of employer and I thought that I had coded this correctly on the Learner Entry Tool, however we have only received 20% of the TNP3 (Residual Training Cost) that I have entered?

    I do not have a TNP4 as I could not find an example of what this is in the Provider Support Manual?

    Any help would be great.



    Martin West

    When the apprentice changes employer, the provider and new employer would agree a price for the remaining training and assessment, this is called this a ‘residual’ price and as this is less than the original total price, 20% of this (completion payment) will also be less than the original amount.


    Ruth CJ

    This is why we always charge the new employer the original price, minus whatever funding received via the first employer (be that levy payments, ESFA contribution, and/or employer 5% co-investment). It means the second employer ends up paying for more than their fair share, but the alternative is that we lose money, which we can’t afford.

    If an apprentice switched employer exactly half way through their apprenticeship, we’d have only received 40% of the total price by that point. We charge the remaining 60% to the new employer. It means on monthly On Programme Payments will be higher for the remainder of the apprenticeship, and the 20% Completion Payment slightly lower. If you always charge the new employer as described, the total you get will always be the same in the end if they complete.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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