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    I discovered a load of aims that the LIS was reporting as error LearnAimRef_38 which means that you have started a learner after the last date for new starts. The issue was that the error was incorrect as the live LARA showed them as in date.

    These were corrected but I have since discovered more. They are below for your info:




    PS this refers to the OLASS Funding Stream




    I have found numerous inconsistencies between what the LARA shows and what is in the actual MDB file issued in the MISC Downloads. I have been reporting each and every one to the Data Service! Sadly I am not really getting any sensible responses.

    The only data I have managed to get them to agree to correct so far is where a Technical Certificate element has been classified as a Competency Element instead of a Knowledge Element, but this won’t be done in time to include it in the R08 submission due tomorrow!


    Martin West

    Hi MB,
    Sorry but I do not fully understand the problem as if they are shown in LARA as in date and you are using the same LARA in the LIS there should not be a problem unless it is down to a delay from the current LARA to the published download.
    Some aims may be in the process of being updated in LARA or actually be incorrect if this is the case then this should be reported via the Service Desk, you should also check the LARA/LIS known issues documents to see if there are any relevant current issues.

    Anneliese you could use a Proxy aim until issue resolved




    I think the issue is only pertinent to ‘OLASS’ & anyone else who funding stream is tied to ‘Any’. I dont fully understand it but although on LARA etc, we are referred to as an OLASS funding stream, we are referred to in other docs as the ‘Any’ funding stream.

    This error results in the validation performed by both LIS & OLDC being incorrect & some aims that are within validity being shown as invalid. I think LIS & OLDC are having trouble with confusing the data in the ‘Any’ tab & the OLASS tab.

    Data service have just confirmed that the error will be fixed in the OLDC tomorrow so shoouldn’t effect my upload but there probably wont be a LARA file for the LIS that will sort this until next Thursday. Just hoping I am not stuck doing last minute data cleasing!

    anneliese, you sound like you are on a different funding stream.



    Apprenticeships: This month we have had numerous LearnStartDate_07 rejections where the framework (with null or zero pathway) has been updated with a 6/3/2013 “effective to” date. New frameworks with, for example, pathway codes of 1, 2, or 3 have been set up but it seems the only way to find these is to wait for a new start to be rejected. Surely the Data Service could let us know when this kind of update is to occur!



    The only way round this is to check for pathway codes on LARA for new starts before processing. That is unless the Data Service can provide a file to download for new codes which would be helpful.

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