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  • Is it a requirement of the Apprenticeship Funding Regulations and/or Ofsted that each apprentice must complete an IA and Diagnostics even if they have previously achieved a Level 2 (or higher) in English and Maths?



    Yes, I’m pretty sure it is, just to show that they’re still at that level if nothing else. Found this link that provides more info. Hope this helps.


    Ruth CJ

    That’s about assessment to check prior learning, but if they’re not going to be doing English and maths, their prior learning in this area isn’t relevant. I’m not aware of any requirement to assess English and maths if you already know you’re not going to enrol them on it because they already have level 2.



    As far as we were told during a mock Ofsted inspection by a current ofsted inspector no one will look for evidence of IA or Diagnostic for a learner if they are exempt from FS.
    However, the question will be asked “how do you assure yourself that the learner has the requisite skills and knowledge in english and/or maths required for their Apprenticeship programme”.

    To that end, consider varying the intensity of FS IA depending on the learners entry point, ie. a full BKSB (other software is available) IA and diagnostic for those who haven’t had any previous E/M academia in the last (say) 12/24 months to maybe just IA for those who have.

    Failing that, get everyone to do an IA as a minimum. The output will be incredibly valuable for your ILPs regardless of the learner’s prior E/M attainment level

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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